Peak District Pub Tours

A hosted & transported tour of the Peak District's most highly recommended pubs and bars.
With VIP treatment & choice of drink in 6 pubs.

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Peak District Pub Tours

  • Transported Tour to 6 uniquely different Pubs.
  • Travel with your knowledgeable Tour Guide and learn exciting facts about the pubs and their history.
  • Enjoy one hour in VIP reserved seating in each unique Pub.
  • 6 inclusive drinks, one in each Pub you visit.
  • Pre-order your drinks through your tours host before arrival at each Pub.
  • Gain your own insight into this intrinsic part of British Culture, Pub Culture.
Starts at £125.00

Taste of the tour

Our Why.

‘The Peak District’s pub heritage is as rich and tasty as the beer that foams from the pumps, and via its inns, taverns and hotels we can trace centuries of social history in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain.’-Andrew McCloy

Pub Tours was set up to help a wider audience visit some of the Peak District’s most beautiful, charming and interesting Pubs in rural areas more easily. We have watched some incredible pubs and taverns close over our lifetime and we know too well that when a pub isn’t ‘used’, it will close. We understand too, that if you don’t know about these fabulous places-you won’t know you want to use them.

Need a place to stay

Wayside, Stoney Middleton

Why not stay at a local characterful, three bedroom cottage, sleeping up to six people, in the nearby village of Stoney Middleton. We are more than happy to collect from and drop off at Wayside, Stoney Middleton before and after your tour. Even better, the cottage is close to another pub, famous chip shop and an Indian restaurant